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The Simmons Personal Survey

Brief Overview

The Simmons Survey is the most powerful job-related assessment tool available on the market. The Survey, with its 57 performance indicators, accurately and objectively measures the most important job-related emotional and behavioral tendencies, such as:  Energy, Stress, Optimism, Self-Esteem, Commitment to Work, Attention to Detail, Desire for Change, Physical Courage, Self-Direction, Assertiveness, Tolerance, Consideration for Others, and Sociability.

Sample survey

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The survey will let you see just what each applicant or employee is like, penetrating the facade they often attempt to present. In just a few minutes time, you can know more about their character than you would by observing them for several years!

Character qualities are compared to one of our standard job norms or to a customized norm. This allows you to accurately predict job performance in any job, making the Survey an excellent tool for selection, placement, management, personal development, training needs assessment, and outplacement.


The Survey is available online and administered in two parts. On Part I, persons check any of 360 adjectives, stating how they think others feel about them. On Part II, they check any of 360 adjectives that describe how they feel about themselves. Subjects may refer to an adjective dictionary (written at a 6th grade reading level) to understand any unfamiliar words.  The survey takes approximately twenty minutes to complete and the results are available in twenty four hours or less.

We know of no other test that shows this full, realistic range of human character in a short and concise manner.  Most other tests grossly over-simplify human character by giving the person a single score per trait, or worse yet, showing them as a cookie-cut “type” of person, made up of several static single scores.  This limited view of human character automatically results in inaccuracy and lack of depth in predicting performance.

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