customer experience
“Steve Balas has an inquiring mind and can get at the facts without the other person feeling like they are being invaded. Steve can sort the negatives and the positives with clarity. He can help people arrive at a well considered decision and can lay out a plan of action. People are at ease around Steve without having to set aside his authority.”
Roger Lageschulte, Attorney at Law    Seattle, Washington

“As the new owner of the Waterfront Coffee Company I knew that some staff changes were necessary.  I hired GSB Consultants to help with the hiring process and specifically the Simmons Survey was used to assemble the best people for the team.  I am glad that I had more than resumes and interviews to help in the selection process.”
Victoria Balas, Owner         Edmonds, Washington

“GSB Consultants does an amazing job and interpreting the Simmons Survey to determine if potential hires are the right fit for the job. Steve Balas was 100% correct about our latest hire who has become a great asset to our office. I will always use GSB Consultants before hiring any one else for my business!”
Carolyn Jacob, MD
Director Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology